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[07/25/16]   Updating my info.... Just to let everyone know. I'm still at the same location on Mayview Road. Had to go back to my prior name. New website will be in the process.
[08/13/14]   My place rocks! I do a combo of Swedish, a Deep Tissue, and various types of stretching... If wanted. It makes a great impact on your muscles. Massage Therapy for Tension Headaches Trigger points (TrPs), or muscle knots, are a common cause of stubborn and strange aches and pains, and yet they are under-diagnosed. The 13 Perfect Spots are trigger points that are common and yet fairly easy to massage yourself — the most satisfying and useful places to apply pressure to muscle. For tough cases, see the advanced treatment guide. How to find and massage Perfect Spot No. 1, an area of common trigger points (muscle knots) in the suboccipital muscles of the neck, under the back of the skull.
[06/29/14]   I just worked on someone that was starting to get a bad headache. I found areas in his head, neck, shoulders that needed to be released. He left headache free. Top 10 Reasons to Get a Massage 10 reasons to get a massage by a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Stimulate and Detoxify the Body:
The lymph system is the body's natural defense against toxins and impurities. Massage Therapy stimulates the flow of toxic waste from the muscles, organs and tissues for improved health and digestion.

Relax Muscle Tension and Improve Flexibility:
Massage Therapy stimulates blood circulation increasing oxygen and nutrient flow to connective tissue and muscles. This helps remove adhesions in the muscles as well as lubricate joints for increased flexibility.

Recover From Injury Faster: Massage Therapy can break up scar tissue for more efficient movement. It can improve functional abilities and range of motion.

Improve Posture:
Massage Therapy can improve posture by helping to train muscles to be in the right position allowing for better support to our structure.

Prevent Injury or Illness:
Tense muscles tighten and pull the body out of alignment and restrict circulation. Regular Massage Therapy can increase circulation and relax the body to prevent chronic conditions from taking hold.

Enhance and Maintain Good Health:
Massage Therapy is to the human body what a tune up is to a car. It helps to reduce heart rate, lowers blood pressure and strengthens immunity by boosting lymphocytes.

Improves Attitude and
Increases Alertness: You cant help but feel good after a massage leading to a more positive disposition. Massage Therapy also stimulates brain wave activity.

Relieves Pain:
Massage Therapy helps block the nervous systems pain receptors and increases blood flow to the muscles. It can increase mobility to the joints to help reduces arthritis pain, ease the pain of migraines, pregnancy, cancer and fibromyalgia.

Reduces Stress: Massage Therapy calms the body and relaxes the mind helping to reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels. Considering the detrimental effect of stress on your body, this can lead to a major difference in your overall well being.

It Feels Wonderful: Any one who has had a massage can attest that you feel like a new person afterwards. In addition to all the health benefits listed above Massage Therapy boosts endorphins, the same hormone associated with a runners high. If you have never had a professional massage, now is the time to try! massage tampa, relax muscle, recover from injury, reduces stress Muscle knot? It might be a trigger point. | Minh Han, MD My day today consisted of this! About 23 million people, or 10 percent of the U.S. population, have one or more chronic disorders of the musculoskeletal system. One of these is myofascial pain syndrome, a common painful muscle disorder caused by myofascial trigger points. Trigger points are discrete, focal, hyperirritable spots located in a taut band of muscle. The spots are painful on compression and can produce referred pain, referred tenderness, and decreased muscle function.

Trigger points are classified as being active or latent. Active trigger points cause pain at rest, are tender to touch, and cause a referred pain pattern. Latent trigger points do not cause spontaneous pain, but they may restrict movement or cause muscle weakness. About 23 million people, or 10 percent of the U.S. population, have one or more chronic disorders of the musculoskeletal system.1 One of these is myofascial pain syndrome, a common painful muscle disorder caused by myofascial trigger points. Trigger points are discrete, focal, hyperirritable spots l…
[06/16/14]   For anyone who worries about body issues with massage therapy. When I got my first massage I did keep certain pieces of clothing on. That is ok to do! Portland Home Massage: Fat and Massage Every body – every body, no exceptions – presents challenges and requires some improvisations and adaptations. There's no such thing as a normal body. They all have injuries and unexpectedly tender places; joints with limited range or hyperextensible ones. If you can't modify your routine to fit the body at hand, you simply can't do massage. The clients I find most challenging are heavily muscled men, weight lifters, for instance, who are simply damned heavy to move around, and present a lot of dense muscle acreage to get through. But I don't mind that. It's my job, working with different bodies. That's what I do. I got into this profession partly because I like bodies. I'm curious about all the shapes they can take. I don't want them all to be the same.

Over and over people – especially women – apologize to me for their fat, as if they were offending me. I'll be working on what seem to me like perfectly lovely calves, and suddenly my client will be explaining to me how she has always had thick ankles and the weight just seems to settle in there, and she's been trying to diet and . . . "I was glad she felt she could ask, but I was mortified, on behalf of my profession, that she felt she had to."Sadly, this is not uncommon in our profession. I once has a colleague on my table, who spent the better part of the hour lecturing me on my weight, telling me everything I was "probably" do… Which Kind of Massage Should You Get? Here is a quick guide to the most popular types of massage therapy to help you figure out which massage therapy style is right for you.

Ask me which one you think is best for you. Are you interested in getting a massage but don't know which style to choose? Here is an overview of the different types of massage. 5 Ways Massage Therapy Helps You Burn Fat | My Fitness Hut: Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Boost... 5 Ways Massage Therapy Helps You Burn Fat!
Every serious exerciser needs regular massage therapy. You can't exercise, burn fat and build a lean body if you're injured too much. Use massage therapy to burn more fat.
[05/30/14]   Had 3 clients today. I did a lot of trigger point and neuromuscular work. Stretching was a key implement! It seemed to help my last client the most.

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