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[01/12/21]   Reminder of anyone needs to schedule an appointment please call or message me. I am no longer using online booking. Thank you
[12/27/20]   Remember I will no longer be doing appointments online. I have my book and I have it dated up to may 2021. If you had previous appointments they may be switched. Thanks
[12/19/20]   Salon is closed until December 29th. Will not be taking any calls/texts for appointments until the 24th. Thank you! I’m on vacation!!!!!
[12/11/20]   Don’t forget that as of January there will be no more online booking. You will have to call me or message me. But if I’m at my other job I won’t be able to reply until later. Thank you
[12/05/20]   Starting in January I will no longer offer online booking. I’m going back to a appointment book, these apps end up messing up and it’s too frustrating. So I may need to move people around. Thank you!
[09/29/20]   For anyone that has an appointment with me today I have been coughing and feel like I’m getting a cold. I’m still going to work but I want you to be aware so it’s ur choice if you still want to come or not. Thanks
Appointfix Here is my site for booking appointments. Please delete the old one. October’s schedule is available now.

Book appointments online https://www.appointfix.com/Darilyn-s-Hair-Design appointfix.com
[08/25/20]   If you go to schedule an appointment please text or call me to make sure it got scheduled. I’m having issues with the app. I’m going to be using a new one but it will take awhile to get it all set up so continue using the current one until further notice. Thanks
[08/16/20]   If anyone has any future appointments with me please contact me if you haven’t already I am still missing people that were scheduled. I got Amber, Kathy McElravy, Andrea Eiler, Michelle Eiler, Susan Weckerly, Will Patton, Justin Patton. Also I had to move people around on September 1 so if you have a appointment that day please reach out to me. Thanks
square.site Darilyn's Hair Design in Bruin, PA August schedule is available for appointments.

https://squareup.com/appointments/book/517BX3JV8TBJ1 square.site Tuesday-Ladies Day Thursday-Men’s Day Saturday by appointment only (call/Text)
[06/16/20]   I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to everyone yet. I am trying to get back to everyone as fast as possible. It is hard with working 2 jobs, taking care of kid, animals house etc. and also trying to keep my sanity with it all. I will be reaching out to people this week.
[06/01/20]   Since we are approaching green soon I will be back open. During the covid I took on a new job. I work 5 days a week. So I will only be working 1 day a week at the salon. So my days will go fast. Also I get my work schedule usually in the middle of the month for the following month. So if you plan on going on the site to schedule please make sure the correct information is up. If you want to schedule through me you can as well. I am open on July 17th for prom girls only. I am sorry for any inconvenience. Please be patient through all of this as I am trying to get everyone taken care of. I’m doing my best without overwhelming myself. Thank you!
[05/26/20]   June 19th is Prom please do not schedule for anything else but prom girls thank you.
[05/06/20]   I will not be opening my salon until the government says I’m allowed for anyone that was wondering. Thanks
[03/29/20]   Since I want myself, my son and family and friends to remain healthy I am remaining closed until further notice. We are on lockdown so I am following the rules. It’s the only way to get back to normalcy. Believe me this is hurting me financially. But you can’t replace ur loved ones. Thanks for your patience and support!

Darilyn’s Hair Design
[03/24/20]   Due to the government I am closed. I will keep everyone posted. And if anyone wants to offer to help pay my bills since this is my only income that would be great!
[03/23/20]   I know your roots are bad, I know your hair will be too long and you won't feel like yourself. I would love to go back to work but I can't, our industry can't. When you ask us what kind of color you will need and buy that store box color just remember your putting money into the big companies pocket while we small ones are suffering. There is no way to make income from our industry right now since we are hands on. When we can come back, please remember us and please don't blame us if we need to fix your hair and it will cost more.
Not only do we miss our income but we miss you. Our chats, laughter, tears, we share so much more than just a haircut. We are standing here united to stay safe but inside we are worried and stressed about our work being completely torn from us. We sit patiently waiting, like you, for answers or reassurance of some sort. With uncertain clarity, we hope and pray that you will be back to us soon and our industry comes back stronger than ever! 🙏
Please share and support your stylist. Help remember our hairstylist community as we stand not behind our chair right now, but united being safe through this pandemic.


#untilfuturenotice #behindthechair #supportyourhometown #covid19 #supportyourstylist #supportsmallbusiness
[03/16/20]   Please use all precautions that they are stating on the news when deciding to get your hair done. My son and I don’t need any viruses. Thanks
[03/08/20]   Ok so my schedule has changed once again but this time it is to everyone’s benefit. Please feel free to check out my new hours and ladies day or to schedule a appointment. Thanks

square.site Darilyn's Hair Design in Bruin, PA With my new job I will not be personally scheduling appointments on my days I’m closed at the salon, you still have the option of scheduling your own through the square site. Sorry for any inconvenience. Below is the site to schedule appointments.
My hours have changed also. I’m only open Wednesday’s and Thursday’s (but am closed every 3rd Wednesday).

Thank you

https://square.site/book/517BX3JV8TBJ1/darilyn-s-hair-design-bruin-pa square.site Wednesday-Ladies Day Thursday-Men’s Day Saturday by appointment only (call/Text)
[02/11/20]   My new schedule is available on the square site. Thanks for your patience and support!
[02/10/20]   I have my new schedule so I will be working on it and will hopefully have everything switched over by midweek.
Prices and services
[07/12/19]   All Saturday appointments will be by appointment ONLY you will not be able to schedule through the app. You will have to contact me. Thanks
[04/25/19]   After prom (2019) and any weddings I already have booked (2019) I will be not offering airbrush makeup anymore. Sorry for any inconvenience.
[04/09/19]   My Saturdays from now until June will be limited due to soccer games. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.
squareup.com Darilyn's Hair Design in Bruin, PA https://squareup.com/appointments/book/517BX3JV8TBJ1 squareup.com
[11/19/18]   Internet and phone back in business. My landline number is 724-753-2022.
[11/18/18]   Still don’t have internet so that means I have no phone.so if you are calling to schedule an appointment I won’t get it. And I can only text iPhones through iMessage. And my texting comes and goes. Not sure when I will have it. Sorry for any inconvenience, I have been trying to get it fixed.
[11/12/18]   I will not have internet until the 14th so if you try to get ahold of me and I don’t answer or reply that would be why. Also cause I live in a dead town with no service so I need the internet. Sorry for any inconvenience.
[10/17/18]   Hours are changing again sorry for the confusion.
[10/13/18]   I will have new hours starting the week of October 21st.

Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 3pm-7pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 10am-3pm
Friday: 3pm-5pm
Saturday: 10am-2 pm

Due to somewhat of limited hours please keep that in mind when scheduling. As I will probably start getting booked out quicker.
You can still use the app to book or call to schedule.
I am still working 2 jobs so I do apologize for all the switching of things around.
Thanks for ur patience and for the opportunity to be ur stylist!!!!
[09/28/18]   Starting the week of October 15th my hours will be changing.
[09/27/18]   I have a 3:30 and a 4:30 (these are only a half hour slot each) spot available next Wednesday the 3rd. Otherwise I’m completely booked up until October 13th.
[09/23/18]   I still have some openings for homecoming if anyone is interested!!!

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