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[01/18/21]   A family that gets massages together stays healthy together! I had the pleasure of massaging 3 members of the same family yesterday!
Life is good! 2021 Wellness: Massage It's been a crazy year but I'm still standing because of all of you!! Thank you for all your support! I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a minute and VOTE for me! **Voters will receive an immediate automatic email confirmation notification
This time of year is the perfect time to put massage in your schedule at least once a month. Support your mind, body and spirit!

Call/text/email to schedule your appointment.
267-328-8958 [email protected]
I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for allowing me to be part of your wellness journey! Especially during this crazy year! And to wish you and your families a very Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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[12/14/20]   Who needs a massage?
I'm excited to announce that I have availability this week on Friday (all day) and
Saturday (10-1).

Give the Gift of Wellness with a Massage Gift Certificate!

Gift certificates are available online at

PS: They don't expire...ever. So even if we need to take a covid break...I will still be here and you will still need a massage.

Before the holidays make you crazy make sure to schedule your massage!

Now scheduling through the end of the year...act quick before they're all gone!
Healthy Holistic Living 3 Things That Happen When You Put Your Legs Up Against A Wall Every Day

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[09/28/20]   I have several openings this week on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Who's ready for a massage?
Who's ready to be handpushed?
Do you have a Heath Savings Account (HSA)?

Just a reminder that I can take HSA payments with my square! So if you have an HSA and you can use it for massages lets get you on the schedule ASAP!

[09/08/20]   I love this testimonial from my friend Erin. Regular massages are a valuable part of anyone's wellness journey! I also use Young Living essential oils in my practice. They are so versatile...relaxing your muscles and your mind and everything in between.

PS: If you are ever in Knoxville TN please stop in and see Connie Quimby!
Thank you to everyone who works so hard to make our lives so amazing!

Because Reiki is energy work there are no contraindications like there are sometimes with massage. If you have a current injury or are post-op from a procedure massage would not be beneficial for you until you are physically healed. However, Reiki would be amazingly beneficial to you. It helps to get all your bodies healing energy flowing. Removing blocks cause by injury or surgery. Once your energy is moving freely your body can do what it does best....heal.
Healthy Street 🔊 SCIATICA


💡 Sciatica is the result of a neurological problem in the back or an entrapped nerve in the pelvis or buttock. There are a set of neurological symptoms such as:

➡️ Pain (intense pain in the buttock)
➡️ Lumbosacral radicular leg pain
➡️ Numbness
➡️ Muscular weakness
➡️ Gait dysfunction
➡️ Sensory impairment
➡️ Sensory disturbance
➡️ Hot and cold or tinglings or burning sensations in the legs
➡️ Reflex impairment
➡️ Paresthesias or dysesthesias and oedema in the lower extremity that can be caused by the irritation of the sciatic nerves (the lumbar nerve L4 and L5 and the sacral nerves S1,S2 and S3)


💡 Pain is a result of irritation of the sciatic nerve. it can be constant or intermittend. The pain may be worsened by certain movements like coughing or sneezing (these movements increase the intra abdominal pressure). Sitting, bending, prolonged standing or rising from a sitting position can aggravate or increase the pain.


💡 In regards to relief the pain, the supine position decreases the pressure on the herniated disc and will subsequently decrease pain. Pain is located along the distribution of the nerve and can be felt in the back, buttocks, knee and leg. It only radiates to one side of the leg and can result in reduced power, reflexes and sensation in the nerve root. Also gait dysfunction (toe walking, foot drop and knee buckling), paresthesias or dysesthesias are frequent neurological symptoms.


💡 Sciatica can be caused by the compression or irritation of nerve L4, L5, S1, S2 and S3. The sciatica symptoms depend on which nerve is compressed or irritated.

◾ L4: When the L4 nerve is compressed or irritated the patient feels pain, tingling and numbnessiIn the thigh. The patient also feels weak when straightening the leg and may have a diminished knee jerk reflex.

◾ L5: When the L5 nerve is compressed or irritated the pain, tingling and numbness may extend to the foot and big toes.

◾ S1: When the S1 nerve is compressed or irritated the patient feels pain, tingling and numbness on the outer part of the foot. The patient also experiences weakness when elevating the heel off the ground and standing on tiptoes. The ankle jerk reflex may be diminished.

source: B.W Koes, M.W Van Tulder, W.C Peul. Diagnosis and treatment of sciatica. BMJ.

Are you ready to relax and renew?
I have just a coupe of openings for next week. Reiki: What is it and are there benefits? Have you ever had a Reiki Session?? Reiki is an Japanese, energy-based healing technique. People who use it say it works, but research has not proven this. However, it is also not proven to be harmful. What does Reiki involve and what can it do? This article explains what to expect in a normal reiki session and how to become a practit...

I still have a couple of openings on Wednesday, August 12th. ME Magazine | Strengthening the Immune System with Massage Therapy Here's a quick explanation as to "how" massage helps strengthen your immune system. Massage therapy can benefit your immune system by improving circulation. Visit Massage Envy to learn more about how regular massages can help.
Are you ready to receive a massage?

For a lot of people the answer to that question is still no.
No, I'm not ready.
No, I still have concerns.
No, I'm not sure how I feel.
And those are all valid answers.
I hear you.
I respect you.
And I will be here when you are ready.

Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance How are those shoulders feeling? 5 Mobility Exercises To Make Your Shoulders Feel Great

I’ve shared quite a few thoracic mobility drills and wanted to share another one that’s simple to do as a daily routine as long as you have a wall to post up to.
Go through each drill for 5-8 per side with deliberate focus (I shorten it here so the video doesn’t take too long).
Remember to use your breathing 💨 while rotating (exhale) and that you have positions.
Let me know what your shoulders feel like after this one 👇🏼 #ipreview via

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