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[11/28/20]   Christmas Gift Certificate’s 10% off full priced services from now 11/28/2020 until 12/24/2020

[08/06/20]   Another August special if you guys don’t like body wraps
2 hours 15 min. Value at $125.00 special price $105.00
75 min Swedish or deep tissue
1 hour reflex
Call for appt.
570 842-7000
[08/06/20]   August Special!
Value at $160.00
Special price is $130.00
2 hr and 15 min service (give or take)
1hr Swedish or deep tissue
45 min chocolate or pina colada body wrap
30 min reflex
Free hand paraffin dip
Call to make your appt.
570 842-7000
[05/02/20]   10% off all gift certificates for the month of May. Please call a head and we can have the gift certificate ready.
Thank you all so much and please be safe.
Great opportunity looking for a Massage Therapist. Hours negotiable.
Please call Tranquility and Harmony Spa
570 842-7000

Ear Seeds new at Tranquility and Harmony Spa. Call to make your appt.
570 842-7000
Plus there is tons of condition it will help with.
Happy New Year Everyone! Massage Therapy | NEPA | Tranquility and Harmony Spa My phone line is down at the spa. If you need to get a hold of me please message me or email me through my website so sorry for the inconvenience. Tranquility & Harmony Spa is a fully licensed, professional massage therapy spa located in Northeastern Pennsylvania providing massages, mud wraps and more.
[12/05/19]   Now until Christmas Eve we are having 10% off all Gift Certificates.
[11/29/19]   Starting tomorrow 11/30/2019 until X-Mas.
10% off all gift certificates.
Who doesn’t like
Himalayan soap $9.00
Himalayan bath salt $12.00
Foot massager (for plantar fasciitis) $15.00
Himalayan shot glass $6.00
Himalayan crystal salt purifying bar $5.00
Himalayan salt therapeutic pillow $8.00
All my CBD products. I’m also getting in the 180 mg serum coming soon.
New CBD Gift Set $18.00 and 100mg of massage oil 4oz $22.00 at Tranquility and Harmony Spa. Great for Christmas presents.
With free hand Paraffin dip!!
New at Tranquility and Harmony Spa Warm Lava Shell Massage.
It’s our July Special. Call now make your appt. and experience the continues heat of the lava shells. Very relaxing. Love it. 570-842-7000
[05/18/19]   Indulge yourself with a full body CBD massage. Make your appointment today.

1 hour
60mg - $65.00. 180mg - $75.00

90 minute
60mg - $85.00. 180mg - $95.00
[05/10/19]   May special!!! Value at $100.00, is now $85.00
2 hour service. Come in and be pampered.

75 min Swedish Massage
30 min facial Kansa Wand
20 min Foot Bath (your choice of epsom salt)

[04/01/19]   April’s Special
10% off
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

1 hour - $70.00 with 10% $63.00 (save $7.00)
90 min- $95.00 with 10% $85.50 (save $9.50)

Do you have inflammation in your body? Is your PH off balance? What about your circulation how is that? Have you been stressed out lately?
Well guess what everyone, Himalayan Salt Stone Massage will help with all of that and more. It helps with the nervous system, It balances the ph in our body’s, it improves circulation, helps with inflammation. Plus it contains 80 minerals that are absorbed in your body during a warm Himalayan stone massage, helping to replenish minerals lost during hard workouts or ongoing stress.
Helps detoxify and nourish your skin and body.
So what are you waiting for call now to book your warm Himalayan stone massage today.
We now have CBD Daily Triple Strength Cream 180mg at Tranquility and Harmony Spa. Come and buy your cream before it’s gone. This stuff is amazing.
It’s helps relieve muscle soreness and inflammation. Soothes tension, helps with arthritis and sleep, anxiety. Love it!!
It’s $32.00 plus tax
February special 10% off 90 min. Hot Stone Massage. Perfect for this cold weather we’ve been having. Book your appt. today 570-842-7000.
Here at Tranquility and Harmony Spa

January to February Special
10% off 90 minute Hot Stone.
Melt away your stress and tension with a nice smooth, heated stones to warm up the tight muscles.
Call now to make your appt.
(570) 842-7000
[12/24/18]   Merry Christmas everyone!
We are open until 230 today for last minute gift certificates 10% off and some gift ideas in the curio.
[12/22/18]   We are open today, tomorrow & Christmas Eve. If your looking to get gift certificates or any gift items come check it out in the curio.
[12/08/18]   Christmas Special for the month of Dec. value at 160 special price 120. Estimate time approx. 3 hours give or take.

90 min Swedish or deep tissue
45 min. Sea salt scrub or chocolate scrub
30 min. Facial kansa (help get rid of fine lines and up lifts the face, help sinus problems)
Free paraffin hand dip

Call and make your appt. 570 842-7000
Happy Holidays!
Christmas time at tranquility we are having 10% off all full priced gift certificates. You can call or come in.. Happy Holidays! 570-842-7000
[11/23/18]   Black Friday sale for 20% off gift certificates minimum 100.00 starts in 1 1/2. Looking forward to see you all.
Christmas Time!!!! If you don’t know what to get your loved one or family, friends something for Christmas come to Tranquility Harmony on Black Friday we will be doing 20% off gift certificates minimum 100.00 starts at 12 pm ends at 8 pm and plus take a look what I have in my Curio Cabinet:

CBD Cream, CBD Oil, CBD Rollerball, CBD Shampoo and Conditioner, CBD Bath Bomb and my homemade CBD Bath Bombs.
Himalayan Bath Salt, Moisture lotion helps skin appear lifted and firmer, lotion applicator if you have a hard time putting lotion on your back this is wonderful, relaxing CDs, Foot Roller helps plantar fasciitis and heel spurs,
Mustard Seed Bath great for stress-muscle and joint soreness-skin conditions-sleeplessness etc., cold joint wrap, flex gel cold ice packs small and large.

Rudraksha necklaces, Bracelets, earrings, ankle bracelet

Telos stones this is very relaxing and is healing on a deep level
Look I just made CBD Ball Bombs.
Dark and light purple is coconut
Green is mango
Dark blue is black raspberry
Hot pink is pink grapefruit
Grey is vanilla
Multi color is variety
$10 each
Sorry small ones are mine
[11/13/18]   November Special: Come and enjoy our 2nd Year Anniversary Special. Its 2 1/2 hours long, retail at $150.00 special price $120.00. Includes:

1 HR. Deep or Swedish Massage
45 MIN. Micro Buff Body Polish (great for dry skin)
30 MIN. Reiki or Reflex
FREE Hand Paraffin Dip
Please call the Spa at 570 842-7000
Make your appt. with Betty or Karen Today.
Call today and book an appt. with Karen and You will receive 10% off for the month of Oct.

The Levator Scapulae muscles are located on either side of the neck. They originate on the four upper vertebrae of the cervical spine (neck) and insert, or attach, to the scapula, also known as the shoulder blade at the superior, medial border. These two muscles are involved in elevation, downward rotation and abduction of the scapulae. They are also involved in flexion and extension of the cervical spine(neck), turning of the neck slightly left and right, along with side bending of the neck left and right.

When you wake up in the morning with a crick in your neck, feel a burning pain on the top inner corner of your shoulder blade, or have trouble turning your head to look behind you while driving etc., the culprit may be a Levator Scapula muscle in spasm. The pain can be described as a throbbing, ache, or tightness, and usually presents from the top inner corner of the shoulder blade up along the neck.

What Causes Levator Scapula Spasm / Trigger Points?

A trigger point is a tight area within muscle tissue that causes pain in that area and/or other parts of the body. The trigger points are shown above as two dark red circles, with the pain referral area also shaded in. Muscle spasm is a tightening of a muscle usually, due to overuse or overstress. It can in itself cause pain and loss of mobility. The following events and activities are likely to activate, or reactivate, tension / pain and trigger points in the levator scapulae.

- whiplash from an automobile accident
- sleeping on the stomach with the head turned/or sleeping in an odd position
- chilling of the muscle during sleep from an air conditioner or draft from an open window
- working at a computer with the head turned for long periods
- holding a phone between the shoulder and ear
- carrying a heavy bag with a shoulder strap
- use of crutches that are too tall and elevate the shoulder
- emotional and mental stress
- Working with your arms raised above your head for prolonged periods of time can also irritate the Levator Scapula. To help reduce neck pain, stabilize your shoulder blade when you raise your arm.
- poor posture with a forward head position puts this muscle under continuous strain causing overuse.

Usually the condition settles after a few days if it is only a once off. Proper hands-on deep tissue massage and dry needling, when used together, can be great to settle the condition either in the short term, or if the condition has become more chronic. Also for the long term, correcting posture, stretching and strengthening of the upper back(particularly middle / lower traps, serratus posterior, rhomboids etc.) and the neck muscles(specifically the posterior neck muscles) can help prevent the condition from returning.

Posture is key to a healthy neck and spine. Try and sit up straight on a comfortable supportive chair, when at work or at home, allowing the shoulders to relax by using the arm rests of the chair. When at a computer, pull the screen close and try to get it up to eye level (say using books underneath it), so your head doesn’t have to be coming forward. The same applies when driving a car. Pull the seat in close to the steering wheel(within reason),and try to position yourself so the shoulders are relaxed and the head isn’t jutting forward. Activities like reading in bed, playing computer games for hours etc. can really tighten up the levator muscles and are a disaster for thoracic and cervical posture in the long term.

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