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It was brought to my attention after clients were very confused about a professional using a very similar name and brand as my own. I want everyone to know Equestrian Solutions has not changed and I Alisa Pitt am still the owner, longstanding founder and therapist. After reaching out promptly to the professional the company using Equine Solutions is in fact claiming they were unaware of my Buisness name. This post is not to accuse but please again to clarify and remedy confusion for my clients.
[02/20/18]   One spot left for an apt this week in State College on February 22nd! Call to schedule! March is already 1/2 full!
[02/08/18]   I am going to be in State College the 21st and 22nd of February! Message me or call for an apt! 717-314-0545!
[01/26/18]   Going to be in Gettysburg area tomorrow if anyone wants an apt. I have one or two spots open!
[01/23/18]   Going to be in Boiling Springs and the surrounding area! Message me for an apt.
FINAL Year End 2017 Congrats to a wonderful year. I so enjoy working with all your talented athletes and your staff. Best of luck for 2018 look forward to contiue working with all of you! This is "FINAL Year End 2017" by Alicia on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
[01/15/18]   Only one spot left for a massage in State College! Message me. There today and tomorrow.
equestriansolutionswellness.com Home I will be offering a Massage Clinic January 28th 12pm-3pm. Located at beautiful Serenity Farm in Bernvill, PA. It is a great time to warm up your hands and warm up your horses’ muscles during these colder days. We will start in the warm tack room with a Q&A and then move to a brief demo and lots of hands on time.
Clinic Will Cover:
Muscles and how they affect movement of primary parts of the body i.e. (pulls shoulder forward, helps lift the back etc.).
Special Strokes –boost circulation and improve muscle tone
Massage Sequence – Topline sequence
Yoga for your horse – stretches
Specialize a Warm up to help improve your ride.
Message Me or I will be posting a sign-up sheet at the farm this week. I need a minimum of 3 people. Clinic will be 3 hours. 12pm-3pm.
717-314-0545 or visit www.equestriansolutionswellness.com equestriansolutionswellness.com Equine Sports Massage Therapy improving the performance and comfort of your equine athlete.
[11/21/17]   Takes time to adjust to cold weather! Give your horse a boost and schedule a massage!
[09/22/17]   Big thank you to Honey Brook Stables Listen and I enjoyed sharing our Demo with you all!
[07/01/17]   Wonderful seeing everyone in State College !!! See you all next month.
[06/29/17]   I am in State College for Thursday and Friday 29th and 30th. I am full but you can book for next month. Free evaluation on Saturday morning July 1st if needed. 717-314-0545.
[12/19/16]   Stay tunned for 2017 Clinics coming soon!
[12/12/16]   Thank you to everyone that came out the past two weekends for the massage clinics. I look forward to working with you again. Happy Holidays!
Equissage Saturday's Success Story:

'This case is more special to my heart than I will ever be able to say. My client's horse is an 18 year old Quarter. He suffered a broken hip two years ago and developed severe muscle atrophy. He refused to put weight on the leg. His owner spent an incredible amount of money on vet bills, etc.
We worked out a schedule for the massages and my main goal was to get the atrophied muscle activated again. We decided more frequent, but less rigorous massages would be best.
I started massaging the horse twice a week for about 20-30 minutes. I worked very superficially, as he was incredibly sensitive. After only three sessions, I got this message from his owner:
'I am literally in tears watching my horse walk in the pasture this evening. You are heaven sent'. I can't say enough how much it meant to be able to help such a magnificent animal and bring joy to a grateful client.'
horsetalk.co.nz Why is massage therapy important for your horse? - Horsetalk.co.nz Great read!!! horsetalk.co.nz Therapist Chrissy Harley explains the benefits of massage for horses.

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