Bliss, an Eco-Friendly Salon

12 W Main St, Trappe, PA, 19426

Bliss, an Eco-Friendly Salon

12 W Main St

Trappe, PA, 19426

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We are looking to welcome experienced stylists to our friendly and professional team. 💇‍♀️
We offer a competitive salary and product commission, as well as, flexible schedules. Apply today at ➡️
https://[email protected]
Please share and help us find our next team member! 💝#aveda #avedaprofessional #avedastylist #stylistjobs #trappepa #collegevillepa #workhere
We are looking to welcome experienced stylists to our friendly and professional team. 💇‍♀️
We offer a competitive salary and product commission, as well as, flexible schedules. Apply today at ➡️
https://[email protected]
Please share and help us find our next team member! 💝#aveda #avedaprofessional #avedastylist #stylistjobs #trappepa #collegevillepa #workhere
Have you heard about our NEW Botanical Repair strengthening leave -in -treatment?!!

Our revolutionary plant-powered, bond-building treatment formulated to strengthen, repair and protect hair from the inside out.

Leave-in treatment repairs, helps protect against damage while building bonds for stronger hair with the power of plants
• Instantly repairs hair from inside out and builds bonds at the core for stronger hair​
• Protects against heat damage up to 450°, and hair from UV (drying effects of the sun)
• Instantly detangles to prevent breakage
• Instantly transforms hair leaving it visibly healthier, softer and shinier after just 1 use​
• Smooths and conditions leaving hair feeling soft and smooth with a luxurious slip​
• Reduces frizz and flyaways​
• For all hair types and textures
• 99% naturally derived*
• Safe for color treated and chemically processed hair

Mineral Oil
Synthetic Fragrances

Ask your stylist about this revolutionary treatment at your next appointment.

Call us today to book your next AVEDA experience!!

Bliss, an eco friendly Salon.

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Happy Tuesday!

“YOU are somebody’s reason to smile!”

Enjoy this beautiful day! Make it count!

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Reasons to love
nutriplenish™ multi-use hair oil

Infused with superfoods to help hydrate and nourish dry, depleted hair.

100% naturally derived* and ideal for all hair textures.

5 uses for hydration or shine:
Pre-Shampoo Treatment: For hydration dispense oil into hand and apply evenly to dry hair from root to tip before getting into the shower. Shampoo out.
Leave-In Treatment: For hydration and shine, on towel-dried hair, squeeze oil into hand and apply evenly to hair. Style as desired.
Post-Styling Shine: Apply to dry hair as needed from mid-lengths to ends.
Overnight Oil Treatment: For hydration apply to dry hair from root to tip and gently work into hair. Do not rinse. Shampoo out in the morning.
Hydrating Scalp Massage

Ask your stylist for more tips and tricks at your next appointment!


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It was another beautiful week at Bliss, an eco friendly Salon!!

We couldn’t do it without our wonderful clients! 💚

What to expect when you arrive:

You will be greeted on the porch by our front desk coordinator. She will take your temperature, go over the waiver with you.

From there, our stylist will show you the way into our completely renovated and upgraded salon.

▪️Everything is social distance approved! ▪️

Once you receive your service-during processing time, you may stay inside the salon or sit on our cozy social distancing porch.

We are following all COVID cleaning and sanitizing requirements!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

610-454-2547 to book your experience at Bliss, an eco friendly salon!

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@ Bliss, an Eco-Friendly Salon
6 weeks open and so thankful for all of the praise and appreciation from our guests regarding our covid practices. So thankful to our staff for all of their diligence and hard work with our new normal. Your safety is very important to us and we will continue to do everything on our part to offer you a clean and safe environment for all of your services. Referrals to our salon are your best compliment to us. Stay well! ❤️😊❤️
Receive a complimentary eco tote when you purchase $70 in Nutriplenish products. 😀🎁
Receive a complimentary eco tote when you purchase $70 in Nutriplenish products. 😀🎁
If you know of a good fit....pass it along.😀
Great first day of opening! We appreciate your patience with our new guidelines.
We are doing our best to return calls and reschedule appointments and thank you for your patience. Looking forward to seeing you soon! 😊❤️
Tomorrow is the day!!! We are ready for our new beginning and we hope you are too!
As we enter into our new “normal”, please take note of our new practices that we have put into place for the safety of our staff and guests. We appreciate your compliance with these guidelines and look forward to a safe environment when you return.
*In an effort to reduce spread of germs, we ask that you use a restroom prior to your visit.
*Upon arrival, please wait on the porch for a staff member to greet you. Please have your mask on and our greeter will, as well.
*You will be given a Covid-19 waiver to read and sign. We will also take your temperature using a touchless thermometer. Please note that the CDC defines a fever of 100.4 degrees or greater. If you should have a fever, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be asked to reschedule.
*Upon entering the salon, please use hand sanitizer located at the front desk.
*Masks are mandatory throughout the duration of your service. If you are receiving a color service and wish to process outside, you may remove your mask, while maintaining 6’ distancing from others.
*Our styling stations are greater than 6’ apart, as is our processing chairs. Please be mindful of maintaining a 6’ distance from other guests and staff as you move about the salon.
*We will be regularly cleaning and sanitizing stations and surfaces between guests and throughout the day.
*If you are purchasing products, we ask that you have a staff member escort you to the retail area to choose your products. Our staff will take the items to the front desk for you.
*We are not permitted to have magazines, look books etc., you are permitted to bring your own reading material or utilize your phone.
*Belongings are to remain in your vehicle, such as large bags, backpacks, laptops, etc.
*We are not permitted to offer beverages to guests, but you may bring one of your own.
*Our staff will be wearing masks throughout the duration of their shift, please be prepared for the salon temperature to be cooler than normal, windows will be open.
*We will not be doing blow drys.
*Cash gratuity is accepted.
We thank you for waiting for us! We’re in this together.💕😊
Happy Father’s Day!! May you enjoy this special day! #avedadads #avedamen
We are reopening on Friday, June 26!!Please call to schedule your appointments. We sincerely appreciate you waiting for us and look forward to seeing you!! 😃💕
❤️Thank you so very much for your love, support, well wishes and patience during our time away from the salon. We hope that you are staying safe and well!! We are eager to get back to the salon and see all of you again. Many of you have been rescheduled several times, which I realize is frustrating. In light of that, we will refrain from rescheduling appointments until we get the green light from Governor Wolf that salons may reopen. At that time, we will begin calling our guests to get you back on the schedule. Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We can’t wait for you to see our newly renovated salon when we return!!❤️
NEW limited-edition Larger size Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair💕 15% savings per ml.
Let’s be honest: we’ve all got bad hair habits. Everyone’s a little bit guilty of mistreating their hair, whether it’s with regular highlights or frequent heat styling. One of our favorite products from the Damage Remedy lineup. 😊98% naturally derived leave-in treatment that instantly, visibly repairs and protects from heat styling, reducing breakage by 90% in just 1 week. Detangles and helps protect from breakage and damage due to heat styling.
Get it here ➡️ And enjoy free shipping 📦
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Things are really shaping up around here! Making good use of this time to wow you when you return to Bliss! Miss you all so much!! 😊💕
No time to rinse? No problem. #RinselessRefresh uses micellar technology to cleanse your scalp and restyle second-day hair, whether you’re leaving the gym, fixing bedhead or giving your curls a new life. Try it for free with $50 order ($31 value) Buy here: Online promo code: REFRESH20. We’ll deliver right to your doorstep for free. 📦 Plus, 40% of that cost goes back into our independent small business salon.❤️We appreciate you and your support! #Aveda #StyledbyAveda #SupportLocal #ShopLocal
Thinking of all of you today! Have a wonderful day! 🌷😊💕
This Mother’s Day, celebrate your influencers you owe a million likes.❤️ Remember our gift card promo! 🎁 Buy $100, receive a bonus $20. Shop here.
We can’t wait for you to come back through our door! We miss you! Stay safe!❤️😊
Happy Hair Stylist day! To our fantastic team!! @iamsarashields @cassannj_ @skiyonk27
🌎The AVEDA Way🌎

We strive to use 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials in all of our packaging. In places where we can’t, we combine post-consumer recycled materials with bioplastic made from sugarcane, which is not detrimental to recycling systems.


Did you know:
85% of our skin care and hair styling PET bottles and jars contain 100% post-consumer recycled materials.
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We are here for you! We can’t wait until we see you again!!

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1. It cuts blow dry time. This is probably the most important thing Speed of Light does. Naturally derived lactic acid from sugar beets smooths and helps seal the hair’s cuticle, allowing for enhanced fiber separation and increasing air flow around the fibers to help decrease your dry time. Three out of five women who tested Speed of Light agreed that it cut their blow dry time IN HALF!

2. It primes and protects your hair. Use Speed of Light before any other products in your styling routine — think of it as a primer spray, meant for use on clean, wet hair. It protects against heat damage and reduces breakage from blow drying by 93%.

3. It detangles, too! Speed of Light uses a corn-derived humectant and coconut-derived conditioners to make brushing your hair a breeze.

4. Speed of Light is both vegan and cruelty-free.

5. The bottle is made of 100% recycled PET plastic (that’s plastic made from materials like recycled milk jugs and soda bottles) and has what we call a “high dosage, fine mist” sprayer, which means the spray pattern has been analyzed and perfected so you’re giving your hair the perfect coverage every time you use it.

6. Even if you’ve got fine hair that doesn’t require a ton of drying time, Speed of Light still has benefits for you! It helps reduces breakage and calms static without weighing your hair down.

7. It smells amazing, obviously. Speed of Light’s signature aroma was crafted with mandarin, star anise and ylang ylang.

8. Speed of Light has no silicones and isn’t greasy, so your blowout will feel soft, smooth and bouncy.

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Happy Sunday!

Don’t forget- those that are in need of replenishing your hair products. We have a direct Aveda link to access your products. Need some help choosing? Send us a DM or comment below that you would like to chat with your stylist to personalize your at home hair care! #supportyourstylist

We are here for you!! #blissanecosalon

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Calm your senses and your home with our vegan, 100% naturally derived soy wax candle, featuring Aveda's signature shampure™ aroma with 25 pure flower and plant essences including certified organic lavender, pettitgrain, ylang ylang.

Aveda's beloved calming shampure™ aroma of 25 pure flower and plant essences—including certified organic lavender, petitgrain and ylang ylang. Because each Aveda soy wax candle is individually hand poured by our artisans, you will notice that yours has its own unique character, unlike machine-made candles. Enjoy the natural aroma and artistry of your one-of-a-kind candle!

Simply light to create an atmosphere of calm and peace. Do not burn longer than 1 1/2 hours or unattended. Allow to solidify before relighting. Should black smoke appear, trim the wick. It should be clean and not longer than 1/4" (6mm).

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White and BRIGHT!! Swipe to see the transformations happening room by room!

#blissecosalon #whereitsalwaysabeautifulday @ Bliss, an Eco-Friendly Salon
A few more updates on the renovation!! (Swipe to see more) Who can tell me what rooms these are?? #blissecosalon #renovationproject #aveda #avedasalon @ Bliss, an Eco-Friendly Salon
Happy Earth Day 2020 🌎

Keep your eyes open for NEW S•W•A•G ARRIVALS!!


Can you guess what they will be?

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Revive your mind and refresh your home with our vegan, 100% naturally derived soy wax candle, featuring Aveda's invigorating rosemary mint aroma of certified organic rosemary, peppermint, spearmint and other pure flower and plant essences.

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Bliss, an Eco-Friendly Salon

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