Temple Warrior Fitness Wholistic Wellness Space

601 Upland Avenue, Upland, PA, 19015

Temple Warrior Fitness Wholistic Wellness Space

601 Upland Avenue

Upland, PA, 19015

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[09/11/20]   30 minutes until we talk all things wellness! Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness, body love and personal growth! ALL ARE WELCOME!!!!! I HOPE YOU CAN COME!
ZJ Jana Walker SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 CHESTER, PA!!! We are BACK AT IT!!! Join me for 4 FREEEEEEEEEEE ZUMBA FITNESS classes at City Hall 6/25, 7/2, 7/9, 7/16!!! Tell ALL your friends !!!!!! #templewarrior #chesterpa #zumbafitness #iamzin #letsgo #communityhealth #iammysisterskeeper #iammybrotherskeeper
Taking responsibility and being accountable free's you to take the steps towards healing. Not a minute before this takes place is healing possible. #freedom #authentic #authenticpower #takethelimitsoff #selflove #selfcare #ownership #truth #changeisgood #ownyoursh*t #movingon #lifeisgood #soulfood #iamlove #beyourself❤️ #captainofmylife
Today is International Day of Peace! Peace is something that is best and most authentic when it starts from within. So I charge everyone reading this to take a moment just to breathe while feeling your heart beat and feel gratitude and peace for this most essential and precious gift. No one can successfully seek to invoke peace in the world until that same peace has been tasted within. Love yourself, find peace inside of your being, then share that light of peace and build a mighty lamp for all who feel lost. We are ZIN who are Zen! 😊🙏🏾Carry your peace when you teach... I guarantee your class will feel it and leave brighter. Remember this: peace is not the absence of war but the presence and reverence of love and empathy!
#iamzin #internationaldayofpeace #namaste #zumbafitness #zumbalove #ZJLOVE #zj #onelove #communityfirst #bestill #invest #peace #intentionalliving #zumbahomeoffice #innerpeace #itsathing #peacetoall #zumbacommunity
JOIN ME FOR WARRIOR WEDNESDAY! Life is about finding your center... let me help! #templewarrior #wellnessjunkie #namaste #zumbafitness #onelove #ohm #zumbalove #iamzin #selflove #selfcare #taketime #invest #communityovercompetition #communityfirst
Who are you? Are you busy uncovering your beauty? If not GET BUSY! Celebrate you and your uniqueness! There will be no awards given out for how well you emulated someone else in this life! The people that are looked up to have stepped outside of the norm, broken some " rules", created their own, and changed the game! The world needs more of YOU! Yep yep! #hippie #beyoutiful #beyourself❤️ #lovetheskinyourein #showup #beautyforashes #templewarrior #mylife #yourlife #revolutionarylove #revolutionary #selflove #selfcare #selffull #timesawastin
Be an active observer. No one has to be on the go in order to be engaged in their surroundings. Sometimes the simplest existence yields the most delicious fruits. Enjoy your Sunday 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 #livesimply #itsthelittlethings #empathlife #beautyforashes #soulfood #nodesiretofitin #onelove #templewarrior
No matter whether it is life, love, career, or spiritual areas of your life, if you can be thankful for where you are... then you can be thankful for the experiences that brought you to this point. Good or challenging... they grow us ALL. For the blissful state that I find myself in, I choose to give a high five to ALL the experiences that led, whispered, pushed, and pulled me here. The racing heart and sweaty palms were worth it. I am offering that if there are parts of your past that you hate... there is still wisdom there to be found. GO GET IT! #templewarrior #beautyforashes #PERSPECTIVEISEVERYTHING #lovewins #loveoverfear #bepresent
I am so thankful to each and every ZIN member that iOS already registered and those that will!! Cumbia is an amazing rhythm and I am honored to represent it in all of its beauty, elegance, and funky fusions! Grab your spot and don't wait!! I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED MY PHILLY ZIN FAMILY, BUT THIS JUST MAKES IT MORE FIERCE! #phillyzin #iamzin™ #PAZINFAM #brotherlylove #sisterlyaffection #phillyfierce #cumbia #cumbiaton #cumbiafusion #teammachete #2step #machete #sleepyleg #onelegfb #allday #ilovethem #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #zumbajammer #zumbafitness #zinjamsession
The two are not opposites. May I offer that the masterpiece can BE the work in progress. Drop the judgment of either space and BE HERE. Honor the learning more than the outcome🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸#doingthework #soulfood #beautyforashes #souljourney #onelove #iamamasterpiece #youareamasterpiece #ownitall #ownit #templewarrior #templewarriorfitness #soullove
It is about how much brighter I can help someone else's light become. We are not here to block the light we are here to ignite and fan the flames of those around us. I am your reflection, the light you may see in me is already available within you! LIGHT IT UP💫💫💫 #iamlight #youarelight #zumbafitness #ZINCON #zinlife #zlife #iamzin #thereisenoughforeveryone #serviceoverself #zumbajammer #PAZINFAM #onelove
SAK PASE!!! IT'S COMING!! JOIN US!! Zumba® Fitness event for Haitian relief! The instructor list will be up soon!! OOOO do not miss it! We are acting fast... Because relief was needed YESTERDAY!! PLEASE PLEASE JOIN US AND HELP US have a positive impact on relief to Haiti! Here is a link to one of the organizations working to get relief to the ground! http://s.ripl.com/4yryao #haiti via Ripl.com
JOIN ME TONIGHT!!! For The Boys and Girls Club fundraising class!!! All proceeds will go to The Boys and Girls Club of Chester! Class donation is $8 . Please come out and support!! Thanks!
ZUMBA® WITH JANA THIS WEEK! JOIN ME both Wednesday AND Thursday at the Boys and Girls Club of Chester at 7:30 PM. Class costs $8. THURSDAY NIGHT is a FUNDRAISER for the Boys and Girls Club! BRING A FRIEND AND COME OUT TO SUPPORT this amazing organization that pours into our youth year round! ALL proceeds from Thursday nights class go directly to supporting memberships and programming. WILL YOU invest... and shake your booty with me? Spread the word! Let's pack the place and the donation envelope!
JAM... Ohhhh JAM!!! JOIN ME TOMORROW in Aston, PA! As we bring Cumbia to life in so many ways! Grab your towel cuz it's going down! Spaces are still available for current ZIN members!!! http://s.ripl.com/h9qip2 #zumba #fitness via Ripl.com
IT'S PARTY TIME TONIGHT!!! Meet me at Concord Dance Center in Aston, PA at 6:30 pm😁 for Zumba® Fitness!!!! YEP!!! No
Excuses..... Just sweaty fun to feed your body and soul!!
CT AND SURROUNDING AREA ZIN MEMBERS!!!! Cumbia ZIN Jam session with me ZJ Jana Walker Sat., Sept. 17th from 1-4 pm!!! LET'S GO!!!! http://s.ripl.com/t4mgka #fitness via Ripl.com
JUST 3 weeks to go ZIN members!!! Let's rock it... Cumbia style!!!
http://s.ripl.com/xcogzn #soundcloud via Ripl.com
Zumba® Fitness with Jana 6:30 pm @ City of Chrster City Hall. LAST free community class! Inwould like to thank Keystone First, the City of Chester, the Honorable Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland and Ms. Rosetta Carter for teaming up with Temple Warrior Fitness to make these classes possible! #zumba via Ripl.com
[06/06/16]   Good afternoon warriors! I wanted to let you know that THIS WEEK ( 6/9/16) there will NOT be class at the Boys and Girls Club as I have a very special birthday to celebrate. Thank you for your understanding and please spread the word.
TODAY IS THE DAY! I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!! Zumba® Fitness at the Boys and Girls Club of Chester at 7:30 pm. Class costs $8.
One more day to go! I can't wait to dance with my family again! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! SEE YOU THERE! Bring a friend! Thursdays, 7:30 pm, The Boys and Girls Club of Chester :)
SOOOOOOOO...A couple of people have asked me about attending class with my sis Caressa James....And well IT IS ROAD TRIP TIME AND NO BETTER TIME THAN THE PRESENT ( Like this Saturday y'all!). I am so loving having the chance to be there as well and would love to share the experience with YOU! What do you need to do....grab a friend or 5 and get in the car to be at LVHN Fitness Cedar Crest by 9:15 am ( I know y'all so I won't tell you what time class actually starts....JUST BE THERE AT 9:15am k!) Please feel free to ask any questions you have and I sure hope to see you and shake my booty with you then! :) I checked in at the location below and I hope the helps you get the address
WARRIORS!!!! As we enter this last week of classes in this location I want to share it with anyone who would like to attend . It is for that reason that I am opening classes this week to all. So, for those that cannot make it Saturday evening, there are other chances to come out and play in this place of community and love! I hope to see you there! Each class is $8.
Monday: Warrior class at 6:00 pm ( still closed group) Circuit at 6:30 pm
Tuesday: Zumba Step at 6 pm , Zumba at 7:10 pm
Wednesday: Zumba at 6 pm followed circuit at 7:10pm
Thursday: Zumba at 6 pm
So TONIGHT warriors: Zumba® Fitness at TWFWWC 6 pm followed by Zumba® Fitness at The Boys and Girls Club of Chester at 7:30 pm! Hope to see you there!
[03/03/16]   FYI: no class Saturday morning 3/5/16
THANKFUL THURSDAY ! Join me for Zumba at TWFWWC for members at 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm at The Boys and Girls Club of Chester! Class costs $8. See you there!!!
Zumba at TWFWWC for members at 6:00 pm followed by Zumba® Fitness FOR EVERYONE at 7:30 pm at the Boys and Girls Club cost is $8. Bring a friend
IT IS FEBRUARY 1st!!!!!!! Becoming a member of Temple Warrior Fitness Wholistic Wellness Center? Please come to the center at 6:30 pm to complete the process. THIS IS ALSO for Chester is Making Moves TWFWWC members. Class starts at 7:00 pm promptly. Please come dressed to work out and bring a journal ( composition book type) with you. Address: 601 Upland Ave., Upland, PA 19015 . Start your journey today!!
SUNDAY NIGHT AT TWFWWC! Let's get it! 6 pm Zumba® Fitness! Heat up the room with us!! Class costs $8. This is gonna feel good!!!!
WARRIORS!!! Are you ready? Tomorrow starts a great new journey into wellness!!! Did you register to become a member of Temple Warrior Fitness? As of tomorrow classes ( except Saturday morning) are going to be for members only. We are a group of people who are committing to more than just 60 minutes of exercise! We are a group committing to challenging our own barriers and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. This includes our nutrition, thoughts, beliefs, accountability, and movement ALL TOGETHER! There is STILL time to register! Come out tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm ( class starts at 7 pm). If you are registered/ registering, please bring a journal with you on Monday . Let the journey flow! Please inbox me with any questions
[01/24/16]   Please review the modified class schedule for the upcoming week at www.templewarriorfitness.com
templewarriorfitness.com Temple Warrior Fitness Wholistic Wellness Center templewarriorfitness.com dance fitness, zumba, hot hula, therapy provider
PLEASE refer people or the Chester is making moves initiative program at TWFWWC! Please have them pick up a registration form at TWFWWC and return it as soon as possible. First 10 residents of the City of Chester to return their forms will receive those spots. For those getting your membership, please fill out your registration forms THIS WEEK! I will be out of town until Saturday so please turn them in to the front desk.

Temple Warrior Fitness Wholistic Wellness Space

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