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[07/28/11]   SSP athletes, send me your sports pics of you in action at [email protected], so I can post them on here. I want this page to be about you: the Star!
Steve Limberiou, Catholic University bound this fall.
Porsches celebrating a WPIAL Championship
Porsche #73 Nick Faraci
My favorite 3 Porsches. My son Matthew, Robert Morris bound Nick Faraci, My son Nicholas
Mike Ambrose USC  Goalie with WPIAL/ State Championship ring State and WPIAL Champion Goalie Mike Ambrose State and WPIAL Champion Goalie Mike Ambrose
[07/20/11]   5 hour energy for your mid day boost? Not good for your internal organs. Those "energy" drinks make your heart rate increase, which should only happen when physical exertion takes place. Making your heart rate and respiratory rate increase unnaturally may short out your electrical system, your CNS (Central Nervous System). Make a protein shake, eat a protein bar and a piece of fruit to get your mid day boost.
[07/20/11]   Sports drinks are used for sporting activity: games, practices, training sessions. Drinking sports drinks casually with lunch or dinner can actually make your electrolytes become imbalanced. Drink water or milk with your meals, save the sports drinks for when you are active and sweating.
[07/20/11]   With this hot weather drink plenty of H2O this week. Remember you should drink half your body weight in ounces per day, and have at least 2 clear urines a day. Drink up!
[07/20/11]   Did you know that if a teenage athlete suffers a torn ACL or MCL and has major surgery to repair the damage, they have just increased their risk of developing Osteoarthritis at the age of 30 by 90%! Finding and correcting imbalances in the body, correct progressions and implementation are the stepping stones to maximizing performance and minimizing the risk of injury. It is not done overnight, it is a process.
Chartiers-Houston Buccaneers
[07/20/11]   Welcome to Sampson Sports Performance. This page is dedicated to athletes that want to be the best of the best, by learning and training the correct way to become a better athlete. All questions and comments are welcome pertaining to Sports Performance.

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