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[10/01/15]   Fall is officially here, embrace the new season with a fresh style and lowlights!
Profiles Hair & Skin Care Studio In case anyone forgot;
We are STILL looking for a special, talented stylist to bring on board here at Profiles! If you think you're that stylist, or know of someone that might be, please give us a call at


~Profiles Staff
[08/21/15]   It's time to start getting ready for school to start up once again! Pencils, notebooks, binders, backpacks, and ...what else? A fresh hair cut to start the year off right! Make an appointment for your star student today!
[08/07/15]   Are your roots growing in as fast as the summer is flying past us? Take care of your hair before the kids go back to school! Make an appointment today!
Call 717-432-4115 Hair Salon,Day Spa:Hair Stylist,Color Specialist,Massage Therapy: Wellsville, PA Curious about prices? Wondering if there are any specials? Check out our website! Visit our professional hair salon and day spa in Wellsville, Pennsylvania, for a hair color specialist, professional hair stylist, perms, pedicures, manicures, facials, waxing, body treatments and full-body massage.
[07/10/15]   In case anyone forgot;
We are STILL looking for a special, talented stylist to bring on board here at Profiles! If you think you're that stylist, or know of someone that might be, please give us a call at


~Profiles Staff
[07/09/15]   Wouldn't you rather have people ask "What is up with this weather???" than "What is up with your hair???"

Us too. To make an appointment with one of our stylists today, give us a call at:

What we offer at Profiles Hair and Skin Care Studio! Call for an appointment!

[06/25/15]   All this rain washing out your color? Don't worry, we can fix that. Call for an appointment!
[06/19/15]   We are looking for a talented stylist to bring on board here at Profiles! If you think you're that talented stylist, or know of someone that might be, please give us a call at:
Feel free to share this post!!
~Profiles Staff
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Profiles Hair & Skin Care Studio
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[06/19/15]   Sunburn, shorts, and flip flops are finally in season.
Isn't it time you booked a pedicure so your toes look their best at the beach this summer?
Call while appointments are available!
[06/12/15]   Light, medium, or deep pressure it doesn't matter, our massages are only 55$ for the summer!
Profiles Hair & Skin Care Studio
[04/30/15]   The flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and your roots are growing in, so book an appointment to keep your hair looking beautiful!
[03/20/15]   There is nothing worse than this sort of weather on the first of spring. Except an overdue hair appointment. We can't do anything about the snow, but we certainly can do wonders for your hair! Book NOW while space is still around!
[03/12/15]   The weather has been so wonderful! Time to open up the windows, turn on the AC, and get your feet ready for flip flop season!
[03/06/15]   We have our March specials, now we just have to wait for Spring!

Paraffin Dip and Manicure-$20.00
Welcome spring with moisturized hands and fresh nail color!
Four Leaf Clover Pedicure-$40.00
Treat yourself to a fun and festive pedicure with green toes!
Over the Rainbow Massage-$65.00
Enjoy a medium pressure, hour long massage meant to increase overall energy, detox the body, and relax you!

Schedule now before we're booked! (717)-432-4115
[02/26/15]   Winter weather drying out your skin? Replenish and Refresh with a relaxing Facial! Openings available for 3 or 4 layer facials this week!
[02/06/15]   Roses wilt and chocolates spoil so a facial really is the way to go. Consider Profiles for your Pre-Valentine's Day needs!
[01/30/15]   February Specials!

50 Minute Neck and Back Stress Relief Massage-50$
Valentine's Package- Facial, Half Hour Massage, and Manicure-70$
For Your Man- Paraffin Dip, Half Hour Back Massage, and a Hair Cut-45$
10$ off Hot Stone Massage
Manicure and Pedicure-40$
[01/30/15]   Nothing says "I Love You!" like a spa package at Profiles!
[01/29/15]   Like and Share this page for a Valentine Special! Come in and mention the word CUPID to one of the staff for 5$ off any service! Good from February 1st to the 14th!
Profiles Hair & Skin Care Studio's cover photo
[01/23/15]   Hello Facebook Friends! We have some great specials this week, so make your appointment before they change! Pedicure and Manicure only 40$! Book now! 717-432-4115
[09/06/14]   Attention Parents and Students it that time again HOMECOMING!!!Trying to find a place for your childs updo's, Haircut, or Nails ( Manicure or Pedicures). Why not let Profiles Hair and Skin Care Studios be there for you. Can call us at 432-4115 to make an appointment.
[05/29/14]   Setting the Record Straight about SUNSCREEN!
Here are some Myths everyone should know.

Myth No 1:
All-Natural or organic sunscreens are not as strong or long lasting as the mass-market chemical-based products. " Not True" "This is a big misnomer. In fact, the inherent ingredients in an all-natural sunscreen typically will last longer in water than the chemical ingredients in other sunscreens."

Myth No 2:
If SPF 100 provides the best sun protection, why carry anything else? President of marketing for COOLA Suncare breaks it down. " SPF 15 protects you 93 percent, SPF 30 protects 97 percent, SPF 50 protects 98 percent, and SPF 100 protects 99 percent of UVB Rays. " But for a little less than a one percent advantage, you're exposing yourself to two to three times the chemicals. The FDA has proposed regulation that SPF 50 is the highest any company is allowed to claim."

Myth No 3:
You must apply sunscreen 15 min before sun exposure and re-apply every 2 hr. Well, this is sort of true. " The FDA mandates that wording, but there are sunscreens that last eight hrs. but to play it safe, they advise we say every 2 hrs," says Finley. Of the 15 min prior rule, Porteous, says, " That is true really for chemical active sunscreens. Nut mineral or physical actives actually start working as soon as you put it on, but the FDA still requires we put 15 min on the products."

Myth No 4:
Waterproof sunblock is better than water-resistant sunscreen. Trick Statement. The FDA has actually banned the words " Waterproof" and "Sunblock." Instead, water-resistant (with 2 levels of 40 Min or 80 Min) is the new industry standard.

Myth No 5:
One sunscreen does it all. This is also not true. There are sunscreens specifically formatted for sensitive skin, for athletes, as well as for your face, lips, and body. " You want a facial sunscreen that feels elegant and light on the skin that you can wear everyday, even as a primer," says Harry Fallick, founder of TIZO Fallene. " a heavier sunscreen is great for the body, and the new foam sunscreens cover very well. We even have sunscreen specifically for the lips, ears, and nose because the skin is thinnest there."
[05/17/14]   May Specials:

1. $10 Dollars off a 1 hour Aromatherapy Massage

2. Try a relaxing Facial today

3. Free Polish Change with a Haircut

4. Try a relaxing Ear Candeling
Here is some helpful tips of how Women and Men can improve the taste of water without adding those articfical products. regular fruit. Thats all regular fruit.
There are a couple kinds of fruit that you can just place in your drinking water, Watermelon, Lemons, Berries, Pineapple, and Cantaloupe. Each of these fuits help your body some way in healing and staying healthy.
H2O is already a great detoxification for your body, in addition providing these following benefits, Boosts Metabolism, Prevents Kidney Stones, Reduces or Eliminates Back Pain, Lowers Blood Pressure, Improves Focus and Concentration, Increases Energy, Promotes Heart Health, Regulates Disgestion, and Slows Down Aging.
Every one should at lest have 8 glasses a day. Again don't really care for water then spruce it up alittle with these simple fruits.
[01/24/13]   ATTENTION GUYS!
Needing a hair cut why not come on in and see our Barber Lily.
[01/24/13]   New Hope Ministries:
Profiles Hair and Skin Care Studio is helping with food donations for new hope. Anyone interested in donating food products can drop it off at Profiles.

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