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608 Hilltop Rd, West Hickory, PA, 16370

Black Butterfly Preserves and Gifts

608 Hilltop Rd

West Hickory, PA, 16370

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First place, Wolf's Corners Fair
[07/03/17]   The vanilla cantaloupe, strawberry ginger and cranapple orange jam basket took first place at the Wolf's Corners fair.
For the perfectly average person in your life.
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[06/08/15]   New location is coming along, the old carpet is gone, floors and walls scrubbed and the fridge works.
[12/31/14]   Individual sized cakes are great for parties, everyone can make exactly what they want with little waste. Adding some fruit or a jelly like my mango mead or blackberry Merlot makes them ultra tasty and extremely moist.
[12/24/14]   Homemade jams and jellies are always a hit at holiday events.
[12/15/14]   Shipped out a few items tonight via The UPS store since they pack and all, the one lady there was very interested in my cantaloupe, with ginger and vanilla.
[11/27/14]   I took some of the blackberry jelly, mixed it with farmer's cheese I made this morning and rolled it in a pie crust for a new dessert.
[11/26/14]   May make jelly rolls today. Which would you prefer, a fruit jam or a soda jelly such as my Code Red or Sangria Mountain Dew jellies?
[11/22/14]   I officially have the deed. Once the main property is set up on to our new home. Shouldn't be too hard to get set up.
[10/09/14]   Black Butterfly may be moving to a new location this fall. Watch this page for details.
[08/30/14]   New test recipe, honeydew with cinnamon and vanilla. So far it's delicious.
[08/28/14]   A winning set of Jellies went out this past weekend at The East Coast Thing. Hope they are enjoyed.
[08/16/14]   Congratulations to today's trio winners at The Three Rivers Thing. Hope everyone enjoyed their day.
Cantaloupe and Strawberry each with ginger and vanilla and a Cran-apple.
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[08/11/14]   Tonight's preserves were a cantaloupe with ginger and vanilla and strawberry also with ginger and vanilla. There will be some available for tasting and in the auction at the Three Rivers Thing on August 16, at Settler's Ridge Park. Someone's just given me a jar of wine jelly. How do I use this? Someone's just given me a jar of wine jelly. How do I use this?
[07/29/14]   I'm planning on making some Mountain Dew jelly tonight, regular, Baja, Code Red and possibly Sangria.
[07/25/14]   Going to make some Cherry Berry preserves today before starting the day.

Strawberries, blueberries and cherries, it's one of my personal favorites.
[06/19/14]   Strawberry with ginger and vanilla is baby approved.
[06/16/14]   Strawberry preserves with ginger and vanilla is my next batch up. Then a strawberry rhubarb, just picked the rhubarb a few minutes ago.
[05/14/14]   It's getting to be that time again, Friday I made dandelion, blueberry and mixed berry jams. The mixed berry is my favorite but my step mom adores the dandelion.

What flavors do you love?
[12/30/13]   Need a unique item for your New Year's Eve event? Try mango mead jelly or blackberry merlot syrup.
[12/26/13]   Having a ham dinner coming up? Sources recommend glazing it with Dr. Pepper jelly.
[12/26/13]   Jelly gifts were enjoyed. Don't you wish you were so lucky?
[12/12/13]   What are you hoping for this holiday season?

Blackberry Merlot syrup for your ice cream? Cranapple preserves for your toast? How about a unique sweet treat like Mango mead, Dr. Pepper or Mt. Dew jellies?
[12/05/13]   Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper jellies are lovely and delicious.

Oliver's Mango Honey Wine is a tasty mead and a tastier jelly.
[12/04/13]   BlackBerry Merlot jelly up now.
[12/03/13]   Cran apple jam is on the stove.
Tri colored soft drink jelly. Layers of grape, lemon lime and orange
[10/22/13]   Since I try, but can't always, local source produce I'll list where I try to shop.
[10/22/13]   Buying orange kool aid today for holiday inspired jelly parfaits.

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