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The new Watsu pool will be on this patio behind my house for seasonal use. I’m being gifted a slightly used Endless Pool so that I can offer sessions here. Grateful and overwhelmed at the scope of the project...redoing landscaping from the excavation...figuring out how to hook in my solar hot water...wanting to enclose it for longer use this fall...anyway, if all goes well I’ll have warm water in a couple of weeks!
watsuwoman.com WATSUWOMAN Julie Angel, Wyndmoor, Pennsylavnia Watsuwoman

Julie Angel
February 2020

Who needs love in their life?

Give the gift of nurturing touch with a massage gift certificate this Valentine's Day or any day. Gift certificates are available online by clicking here.

In addition to your special friend, parent or partner, consider those going through physical challenges who would benefit from a restorative bodywork session.

In my practice, I have worked with people with strokes, cancer, ALS, Parkinson's and post-polio syndrome to help ease symptoms and remind them of what non-medical touch feels like. Even in hospice care, we are capable of feeling the joy and pleasure of gentle massage.

Also, please remember the caregivers and those with recent losses and how important it is to receive care as well.

Massage plays an important role in healing emotional trauma as well and I've had the honor of offering trauma-informed bodywork to sexual abuse survivors, people in recovery from addiction and eating disorders and others referred by therapists. My work allows people to integrate sensations, feelings and emotions into the body in ways that feel safe.

The answer is, we all need to feel love.

With peace and gratitude,

Julie S. Angel
Massage Therapy, Watsu and Process Healing
[email protected]
215-836-9779 office
215-872-5051 cell/text watsuwoman.com Julie Angel, Watsu, Massage, Process Healing, Workshops, StikChix, Pennsylvania
Wave Academy: Sharon Plaché Testimonial The healing power of Watsu being used with veterans with PTSD. 2-minute testimonial from Wave Academy Aquatic Practitioner Sharon Plaché highlighting her role as a therapist and the value she obtains from her work.
[06/16/19]   Watsu sessions this summer!
I will have occasional use of a colleague's pool near Quakertown. Or, if you own or have access to a heated, private pool, let's talk. I'm willing to travel for warm water!
Email me to set up sessions: [email protected]
massageandbodyworkdigital.com Massage & Bodywork - JULY | AUGUST 2018 Wonderful interview with Harold Dull, founder of Watsu.
"Watsu frees us from the illusion of separation. Watsu reconnects us. Watsu celebrates union." massageandbodyworkdigital.com
massageandbodyworkdigital.com Massage & Bodywork - JULY | AUGUST 2018 Great article in the JulyAugust issue of Massage and Bodywork interviewing Harold Dull, the creator of Watsu.
"Watsu frees us from the illusion of separation. Watsu reconnects us. Watsu celebrates union." massageandbodyworkdigital.com
us16.campaign-archive2.com Watsu Fundraiser for Hurricane Relief Watsu Fundraiser for Hurricane Relief us16.campaign-archive2.com
watsuwoman.com WATSUWOMAN Julie Angel, Wyndmoor, Pennsylavnia Wanting to support hurricane relief and encourage people to come in for Watsu... so I will donate $25 for each session booked in October. Do something good for yourself and the world!
Www.watsuwoman.com watsuwoman.com Julie Angel, Watsu, Massage, Process Healing, Workshops, StikChix, Pennsylvania
WatsuWoman My recent NPR piece...enjoy!
themindunleashed.com Mayan calendar expert says May 24th, 2017 is more significant than December 21st, 2012 Explains the Mayan calendar! themindunleashed.com Recently, The Mind Unleashed interviewed Carl Johan Calleman, one of the world's foremost experts on the Mayan calendar, to discuss with him the significance of a new cycle that begins on May 24th, 2017. 1.What is your background on the Mayan calendar, for those that don't know your work?  My backgr...
WatsuWoman's cover photo
www.mindbodygreen.com Watsu: What It Is + Why You Should Add It To Your Wellness Routine http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-23461/watsu-what-it-is-why-you-should-add-it-to-your-wellness-routine.html www.mindbodygreen.com Watsu is a gentle massage performed in a shallow body of water. Massage will never be the same again.
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dayspamagazine.epubxp.com Dayspa - JUL 2015 Dayspa Magazine did a little piece about my practice...with someone else's photo!! dayspamagazine.epubxp.com DAYSPA is the magazine of spa management. Spa owners and spa managers turn to DAYSPA for spa management trends, spa management tips and more.
newsworks.org Julie Angel finds healing and peace, gently down the stream My recent NPR piece...enjoy! newsworks.org Prime Time is a bi weekly series featuring people over 50 in the Greater Philadelphia area who are taking on new challenges They are starting new businesses dedicating themselves to activism and
[03/28/15]   Hi all-- I'll be in Costa Rica the next two weeks with little or no internet access...be in touch in mid-April!!


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